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Title: The Kiesha'ra' Series Fanfic.
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FanFic by:. Ina Tides.

Copy right: The Kiesha'ra Series does not belong to me it belongs to the Author Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.


Chapter One: Lost!

       It was getting late and I had been wondering the lands in the Obsidian Guild territory for quite some time. I began to wonder if they caught my scent yet. Would they let me pass unharmed? Probably not, they didn't like 'strangers' in there territory, unless they were a dancer; had a snakecharm... I thought. A shiver ran down my spine, but it seem to only be the chill of the wind.
       There was a small pond nearby. I leaned over it and looked at my reflection. My face looked red from cold wind, and my wavy brown hair blew in the wind. I put my hands to my cheeks to warm them up. I started up my thoughts again. The Neovane counted on me for this. I had to make my way to Wyverns court. I, Shikira Morieda, quickest, stealthiest, and most noble of the land of Neovane. No! I won't let them down.
       I jumped up from the pond and continued on my way. The Obsidian should know by now, I've been here at least since mid-day. This was actually kind of strange. I'd known them to strike at the first scent. Something had to be wrong... I was sure of it. I stopped once again as I felt the pit of my stomach churn, alright "somethings here" a said quietly to myself. Before I would turn I had let out a high pitched scream, once a sharp pain shot up my spine, and everything seemed to spin; that's when my mind went blank.

     The scent of flora filled the room, and voices drifted in and out of the next room. A sharp pain ran threw my head. I manged to slip off the bed I was laying on without falling to my knees, I seem to have no strength. I winced in pain as I walked to the frame of the door. Were the people... Or whatever it was that struck me my enemy... Why wasn't I... Bonded?
     Before I could consider anything a guy walked into the room, his short dark brown hair looked perfect around his tight face. His expression didn't look to kind though, the look in his hazel eyes told me that along with the creases on his forehead. He held a staff in his left hand, his robe fluttered, not showing the true shape of his body, before I could speak a word, his look turned to a glare.
     "What are you doing here, stranger" he asked me making no attempt to sound kind.
     "I'm sorry to wonder on your land... I got lost and seemed to wonder on for hours and I.. I was-" I said but before I could finish he cut me off.
     "You was what?" He urged me on. He tapped his foot on the ground, with his arms crossed, seemed very impatient. "Never mind.. Where are you headed? As long as your passing by I'll let you go. Other wise-" This time I cut him off.
     "I just wanna pass by! Its urgent! I've gotta get to Wyverns Court. Please let me go" I begged. Not that I wanted to. It was just that I was entrusted with a message and I didn't wanna let the Neovane down. The leopards were counting on me.
     The man seemed angry that I interrupted him, and he cleared his throat, "Why do you wanna go there"?
     "I need to...Tell them." I hesitated with my words. The message was met for the Diente and Tuuli Thea ears only. That's when I dropped my hands to my side and noticed they my weapons were gone. I quivered for a short moment but manged to stand still shortly after.
     "Looking for this" he said pulling out my twin blades and the pouch I kept needles in. "Why would you need it in here? And really... Why do you wanna see the Diente and Tuuli Thea? What business do you have with them, that concerns me? What are you?
     I took a moment then mumbled, "I don't need my weapons in here I guess.. And I wanna speak to them because the Neovane sent me. Only they can here what I have to say. I am sorry. And as for what I am... I guess you know since I told you the Neovane sent me. I am of the leopards, the fastest, and bravest, and strongest."
     "Brave.. Ha. You-"
     "Don't you dare insult me you filthy snake! I've done as I was told. I don't wish to offend any of you" I snarled in disgust, my nose crinkling. How dare he make a mockery of me. "The leopards would even bother with you serpiente and those avai-" I stopped after I noticed I lost my temper. "I'm sorry" I apologized. "I know I am in no position to even think of yelling and insulting you either. But please listen. I must speak to the higher ones.
     In looked at me in distaste and replied, "yeah no position. And who are you to call us filthy, you pest. If you really are the fastest there then why couldn't you get there so quick?"
     I shook my head. "As you should know the Neovane have never set foot within others territory.. That's why I got lost. Since I'm the fastest and capable at many task I was most kin to survive" I said will looking at him, my eyes soften after I spoke, hoping he understood.
    "Fine... Little Neovane" he laughed lightly and his eyes to lightened. 
    He walked over to me and gestured toward the door. He put one hand behind my right shoulder, urging me to walk forward and so them I done so. "Thank you" I said as I walked out the door. He didn't make no reply and we continued to walk down the narrow hallway until we came to a stop. A metal door stood between me and the next room. I wondered what was inside.

That's all of the fanfic I written for now.  xP

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>.> Its a fanfic from a book. About shape shifters.

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OK !! !